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District to Continue in Hybrid Model Until Further Notice

At today’s special meeting of the School Board, approval was granted for the district to continue in the current hybrid instructional model until further notice. A key component of this authorization was that district administration remains committed to the critical understandings outlined at the October 12 Board meeting:

  • Changes to the instructional model would occur under the continued guidance and with approval of public health experts, including Fargo-Cass Public Health, North Dakota Department of Health, and Essentia Health.
  • District administration will work collaboratively with building level administration and the Return to Learn Advisory Committee, which includes educators and families, to define a timeline and plan for phasing in instructional groups and/or grade bands, starting with PK-5. 
  • Building level administration will work collaboratively with site-based leadership teams, ensuring communication and input into the planning.
  • District and building leadership teams will explore personalization of learning and flexible scheduling.
  • Once families and staff are notified of a change to the learning model, they will have a minimum of two weeks to prepare for the transition.

District administration will continue meeting weekly with Essentia Health and Fargo Cass Public Health/North Dakota Department of Health to review district- and county-specific data in order to make any necessary adjustments in the best interest of the health and wellbeing of our students and staff. 

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