Weekly Risk Level Status Checks

  • The district’s executive leadership team, School Board President, and lead school nurse are meeting weekly with representatives from Fargo Cass Public Health and Essentia Health to discuss COVID-19 data and trends specific to Cass County. This information will be used to make any warranted adjustments to the district’s learning model and safety protocols.

    Many of our stakeholders have asked us to define a specific number within the data sets below that will trigger our transition from one instructional model to another. At WFPS, there is no one single factor that serves as that trigger, as we are taking a holistic approach by analyzing a variety of metrics to make the best data-informed decision. Our primary metrics include studying COVID rates in our school buildings, the rolling 14-day rolling average of new cases, the percent positivity rate, the 14-day case rate per 10,000 residents in Cass County, as well as hospitalization and health care capacity indicators. It will be through analysis and discussion of all these data points that a decision would be made to transition from one instructional model to another.

    Data for the most recent three weeks is shown below. To see all data reported since August 3, 2020, please click HERE

WFPS Data Trends

  • Our current numbers as of 8AM on 10/19/20 are as follows:

    • Positive COVID Test Result: 29 students and staff out
    • COVID-Related Quarantine: 314 students and staff out
    • Exhibiting COVID-Related Symptoms: 132 students and staff


    Data Trends:
    District-specific data has been pulled every Monday and Thursday since the first day of school (9/3/20). We hope these line graphs help our stakeholders visualize our district’s COVID data trends.

line graph of positive, quarantined, and symptomatic cases in students
lin graph showing positive, quarantined, and symptomatic cases in staff

Stakeholder Communications

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