Morning Arrival

  • Students are not to be dropped off any earlier than 7:30AM.

    Breakfast is served from 7:30AM - 7:50AM; doors open for students eating breakfast at 7:30AM.

    The first bell rings at 7:50AM and school begins promptly at 8:00AM.

    If your child is going to be absent or tardy, please call the office at (701) 356-8310 prior to 8:00AM. Calls will be made to your home or work if we do not receive a call from you regarding your child's tardiness or absence. A student arriving after 8:00AM must stop in the office for a tardy pass prior to enter his/her classroom.

Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

  • The bus loop is for school buses only.  Please refrain from using this area to drop off kids as we need the space for the buses and the large number of children exiting the buses. Do not drop children off in the bus loop.

    Note: The drop-off/pick-up loop is the building's north side loop near the parking lot.

    drop-off, pick-up step one drop-off and pick-up step 2

    When dropping-off or picking-up children, stay to the right side and enter the parking lot/loop by the entrance closest to the turnabout. Stay to the right, in the lane closest to the building and be sure to drive slow. Please continue to pull forward as far as you can within the loop so others can drop off as well. When exiting the drop off area, you may use the lane closest to the parking lot, as some students may take a bit to get in/out safely.

    drop-off and pick-up step 3

    When ready to leave our parking area, we ask that you make a right hand turn in order to help with our traffic flow. Please exit on the right side as there is a lane to enter the parking lot from the east side; it is marked, but we want to make you aware for safety purposes. This area gets very congested so if we all follow the procedures, we will ensure that every child is dropped off in a safe manner.

    drop-off and pick-up step 4

    Drivers are not to exit their vehicles in the drop-off loop, nor are they to park in the loop. If you would like to walk your child in or observe them walking in, please park your vehicle in the parking spots, not the loop area. Please be respectful of our bus loop paraprofessionals as it is their goal to keep our kids safe and help the flow of traffic.

    We do appreciate your help in keeping Brooks Harbor Elementary School a safe place for our children!

Daily Building Security

  • All of doors are locked during the school day, this includes building's main door. There is a buzzing system that you must use to access the building (located on the left side of the interior entryway, near the window). We understand that this may cause an inconvenience, but please understand that this is in order to increase safety for our children.